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Highland Cow 20 oz Tumbler Sublimation Transfer

Highland Cow 20 oz Tumbler Sublimation Transfer

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This Listing is for a Sublimation Transfer ONLY


It can be used with a heat press or mug press ONLY, and applied to shirts, mugs, koozies, or any polyester/sublimation sub straight. *NOTE: A standard home iron will not work for sublimation transfers.*

We recommend designs being applied on shirts or fabric to be at least 65% polyester or higher for best results. Although 100% polyester would provide your best results, it isn’t essential. While some may recommend sublimation on fabrics greater than 50%, we have found the results to be faded colors, and not as vibrant as most would like, but if you like vintage then 50% is fine to use. Please also note in order to have the most vibrant colors the fabric color should be white or lighter in color unless you intend on bleaching. Heather Gray is also acceptable, but the darker the shirt, the lighter the colors in the sublimation design will appear.

Unlike vinyl designs that have a “raised like feel”, sublimation provides a completely smooth finish on the item.

All prints are supplied on professional quality sublimation papers, using top quality sublimation inks and printers. The sublimation print provided will be free and clear of any watermarks seen above.

Although most of our sizes are set for standard items, if a custom size is needed, please feel free to message us for those needs.

Designs can be sublimated on many different applications, but PLEASE ensure the blanks are SUBLIMATION BLANKS. Only shirts with a high polyester percentage and ceramic mugs with a sublimation coating will work. We would highly recommend obtaining your item(s) from a quality sublimation blank vendor.

ALL sublimation transfers are NON-REFUNDABLE, and returns will not be accepted. Please ensure you have the correct equipment prior to ordering and understand that application errors are the responsibility of the user.